World Bible School is FREE and will help you understand the Bible as you take the WBS courses. WBS study helpers are everyday people like you and me who volunteer their time to help others. Your study helper will exchange lessons with you, review your lesson answers and give you feedback, help you find Scriptures to answer your personal questions, and be available as a prayer partner.  After you send me you name, address and email I will forward the information to the WBS office who in turn will assign you to one of their study helpers.  Using the U.S. Postal System your study helper will forward your first free Bible lesson and instructions for taking the entire WBS series.  Email me your name, address and phone number and say please send me the FREE Bible Correspondence Course.  God bless, Charles Cook

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A FREE 5 part Bible Study Course will be sent to you soon:

1. Introduction to the Bible
– Introduction to where the Bible came from

2. God Has Spoken
– Investigates how the Bible is God’s Word

3. Knowing Jesus
– Introduces Jesus, who he was, his purpose and teachings

4. This is Good News
– Gets to the heart of the message of the entire Bible

5. Born of Water and Spirit
– A study of how a Christian is to live

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